Zomba di Mare is a Finnish feature-length horror comedy in Italian. Well, sort of.

A group of Italian exchange students is about to end a year in Finland with a big celebration in a remote cabin in the woods. The news tell about a virus epidemic that’s about to hit Finland. Shit happens.

This is how you can make your own Zomba film in seven steps:

  • 1. Don’t write anything down. Just start shooting. Don’t record sound.
  • 2. Have actors spout random lines and build scenes that look interesting.
  • 3. Cut the film together so that it looks like it could have a plot.
  • 4. Dub in Italian. Again, random stuff is fine. Italian sounds cool anyway.
  • 5. Finish post-production.
  • 6. Write the real dialogue in subtitles.
  • 7. Now you should have a finished film du Zomba. Enjoy.


Cast and Crew

Directed by Sami Pöyry

Written and produced by Sami Pöyry and Venla Virhiä

Starring: Antti J. Heikkinen, Ville Voutilainen, Minttu Tervaharju, Timo Järvelä, Venla Virhiä, Lauri Myllymäki, Juha Alm, Lauri Hursti, Piita Kiviaho, Janne Räikkönen ja Pertti Huotari

Voices: Philippo Scialò, Nicolë Francesca Miserti, Carmelenzo Labate, Serena Previtali, Irene Conenna and Paolo De Angelis